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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yahoo! Pipes tutorials

1. Creating a basic pipe: Combine two feeds

(2 mins.)

2. Sorting, filtering, and debugging

(2 mins. 30 sec.)

3. The Yahoo Search module, the Union module and using other People’s Pipes

(2 mins.)

4. Use Feedity to get a feed from a site that doesn't have a feed (uses Truncate module)

(2 mins. 30 sec.)

5. Replace Yahoo’s most popular search terms with pictures from Flickr (uses For Each: Replace module)

(2 mins.)

6. The Text Input module and the URL Builder module

(5 mins.)

7. The Location Input module and the String Concatenate module

(3 mins. 30 sec.)

8. Use a custom module with For Each: Replace
This tutorial takes the top 20 songs from Google Trends and replaces them with links to the chords for those songs.

(4 mins. 30 sec.)


Raymond said...

Great video tutorials -- thanks!

Rivers In Oregon said...

Wow! For some reason you just really got my brain buzzing! Thank you for an excellent resource!

Unknown said...

Your video tutorial is the greatest thing since sliced bread ! A boat load of thanx to you.


Anonymous said...

Execellent videos! Thx for the tutorial.

Unknown said...


I hate to abuse comments this way, but I can't find another way to contact you on the blog.

I'm Willem Knibbe, an acquisitions editor at Wiley. I found your videos very well done and wonder if you might be interested in discussing authoring a book (potentially with a DVD component).

Please drop me a line:


knectar said...

really interesting tutorial. I working on building an equivalent pipe for

Unknown said...

Thank you. You just saved me a LOT of time learning this from scratch.

David B.

Mark McKay said...

Can you tell me if there is a way to set how much of a feed is displayed? I would like to display my Youtube videos through my pipe.

Deepa said...

I am immensly greatful to google for having me stumble on here...
I had been reading on yahoo pipes for the past 48 hrs.. and just few min here actullay nullified my past 2 days of efforts... thanks...thanks

I have a few queries
1. I want to know how particularly is pipes useful in my blog..lets take the simple ex of the "keyboad" search.. how can i include this in my blog...would it be a widget,.. some template code.. etc

2. How is the viedio tutorial done (if this is some kind of trace secret.. i understand.. please excuse me)..
Reason i ask is.. sometimes. i am aksed to tutor 60+ people whose children are settled abroad on how to use the computer and internet

At that age.. they just cant remember the instructions.. and are too distraguht to take up the notebook and read - and-do- in step by step manner

This i think will be very useful
If you think its appropriate in sharing this.. do let me know
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Great site. I can see this took a lot of work to put up... Thanks for all the effort. Sometimes having someone show you something quickly is really the best way to learn!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the tutorials, they were so helpful!!! I especially like that girl's voice!
You are awesome!

Unknown said...

Quite Useful. Thanks

Dhina said...

It helped me to know much on Yahoo Pipes.. Thanx a lot!

Unknown said...

uber useful. Thank you for posting this.

ES Tung said...

Just great. Your videos are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Really great!!

Anonymous said...

Really great!!

ramonb said...

not getting any sound

KRB Media said...

Does anyone know an easy way to integrate the Pipe on your own site?

Unknown said...

Amazing job to get us started on the yahoo pipes. now we can dabble with it, and with pipes at our hand sky is the limit. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wish to thank you for the video tutorials. Outstanding work!

James Kiyozaki said...

I just want to say you have rescued me from reading long technical instructions with your fantastic videos on how to use Yahoo Pipes.

Love the videos and will be using the ideas on my seminars.


Anonymous said...

Great tutorials but it seems my merged feed isn't that consistent. It displays some old news items before newer news feeds.

Did i do something wrong here?

Omar Cafini said...

Great Tutorials, very useful!

Unknown said...

Do you know how can I make a pipe that adds posting dates to the output results?

Thank you,

New York Experience said...

Great tutorial videos, thanks for sharing.

Ed health said...

very useful tutorials indeed! was hoping to get clearer explanations like this and bam i got these. thnx a bunch mate.

Unknown said...

First rate set of videos. Thank you for your time and effort.

Doned said...

Couldn't have asked for a more clearer and detailed explaination on the usage of PIPES. Thanks mate!

Antiaging Ed said...

This tutorial on yahoo pipes tops all. It tops the others with its details.... cheers mate!